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The Emetophobia Clinic
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“Cured of Emetophobia – a fear of being sick / ill”

“I had suffered with emetophobia (a huge fear of being sick) for the last twenty years, and it was ruining my life: I couldn’t go out, couldn’t get a boyfriend, was obsessional about what I ate, and lived a life full of anxiety. Over the years I saw several different therapists, read every self-help book I could find, and even spent some time in a psychiatric institute!!

All these ‘professionals’ said ‘they understood’ and ‘they could help’, and some even promised me a cure – none of them did, and in the meantime my phobia just got worse and worse. I could have saved 20 years of my life, about £10,000, and lots of ruined friendships – if I had read this book back then. AT LAST – not only does somebody understand this phobia, but speaks a language that normal people can understand, AND can help. A friend of mine cured themself of depression using the insights and techniques within this book, and recommended it to me. Three weeks after buying it and using it, my emetophobia is completely gone!!! I mean COMPLETELY gone! For the first time in twenty years I feel alive and happy. Thank you, thank you thank you.

Della Johnson – London”

Della the happy! (Della purchased the original Thrive book from Amazon)

Absolutely Amazing!

Hi, I’m 15 years old and I suffered from Emetophobia . This book has helped me get my life back on track . My Emetophobia first started when I was 8. For the past 8 years I didn’t go anywhere, my head was always down, my attendance at school was very poor due to the phobia, my eating habits were terrible, night times were horrendous and most of my day was spent in my bedroom crying. Throughout the years I have been to numerous doctors clinics and mental health centres with no difference. After reading the Thrive workbook and attending a few sessions with an IAPH member I am now so positive and happy, I take the good out of any situation, I walk with my head held high, I’m going out shopping etc., my eating habits are improving and I generally love the company of others again! I feel so resilient now . Before reading this book every day was a misery but now I treasure every day and look forward to my future! Thank you to the amazing Rob Kelly ( author ) for helping me to understand my ways of thinking and writing the best book ever written! My advice to anyone out there that has even a small anxiety to someone with a large, limiting anxiety please BUY THIS BOOK !!!


“What you have done for me is amazing”

Dear Diane,

Hope you are well, sorry it has taken me such a long time to email my thanks!

When I first came to you, although I had had a few sessions up in Northampton, I was still suffering quite badly with the Emetophobia, I struggled to eat in restaurants, sit in crowded, enclosed spaces, travel on public transport, even eat certain things without panicking about being sick in front of everyone. I searched for exits and toilets compulsively everywhere I went. But since seeing you, it has changed my life dramatically. I have had a few wobbles where I have needed to focus on the DREAM technique but I expected that, and feel that I have grown stronger and stronger throughout them. I have since spent a month in India (with lots of being sick!) and 3 months in America, doing solo and dual flying hours towards my pilot’s license. I am currently a High Ropes Instructor and still focusing on a career in the Army – just over a year ago, Emetophobia would have held me back from all of this; I wouldn’t even have been able to get on the plane to India! More than helping in my everyday life, I have been reading other peoples stories and they all involve a trauma between the ages of 1 and 6 as the cause for Emetophobia. Mine was the same, but the difference is theirs all involved a vomit related trauma, whereas mine didn’t. This has started a huge interest for me in the causes of the phobia itself and I have been drawn into researching it more and more because so little is known about it. I cannot thank you enough because you have changed my life so dramatically. Although each session brought up painful memories and emotions, I cant imagine living now as I did before hypnotherapy. When I came to you the phobia had reached its worst, and I thought I would be in fear of being sick forever. Now I don’t feel held back by anything and what you have done for me is amazing. I hope you continue to help people as much as you did me.  

Thanks again, Naomi

Emetophobia Testimonials

Read what people who used to suffer with Emetophobia said about the Thrive Programme and how it helped them overcome their problem. Testimonials are provided and used with permission by Emetophobics who either saw Anne, another Thrive Consultant or bought the book from Amazon.

“THANK YOU, you have changed my life!!!”

Dearest Cara,

I really don’t know how to say thank you enough, you have changed my life completely! I know what you would say, and that is that it was me that did that! Yes you are right, but without your kindness, complete understanding and amazing knowledge of what you do, i could never have come so far! I came to you for my emetophobia, due to a recommendation from a friend of a friend, and the fact that you had treated a lot of emetophobes! I have to say i was very sceptical to start, as everywhere i looked on the subject said there was no cure, i now know that is rubbish and believe i am cured!!!  Not only did you help with that,but also with my low self-esteem and social anxiety, of which i didn’t realise were so bad, or how long they have been with me. I really wish i could have met you sooner, so i wouldn’t have missed out so much in life. But i can tell you what,there is no stopping me now. I know now that the only person in life holding me back is me! But not anymore. I know there will be challenges in life , but you have taught me the tools to deal with these and those tools and beliefs shall stay with me forever. My relationship with my children is now amazing, due to me being less stressed, less anxious and having so much more fun in life!! All my friends want to know what i am taking, as they have seen such a dramatic change in me, they certainly don’t believe me when i say its just me enjoying life!! I came to you a total wreck, ready to leave my kids because i couldn’t cope with the constant obsessing about sick, thinking about it 100 or more times a day, now i probably only think about 1 or 2 times a day, and cant get enough of my children and enriching their life with all those things that kids should be doing, which i stopped due to my phobia. I cant recommend you enough to people, i think Cara Ostryn should be  on the national health and it be available to everyone!!!! This whole process has made me think about my future … but now i have been through   ‘changing limiting beliefs’ and totally believe in this, i would like to do the same, i want to be able to help people in the same way i have. If i could help just one person in the same way it would be worth while! I would just like to say again THANK YOU, you have changed my life!!!

Maggie, 32, treated for Emetophobia (by Cara Ostryn - Rickmansworth)

“I never thought my life would change.. until i discovered Rob Kelly”

I met Rob Kelly a few years ago.. & i was a mess and i mean a BIG MESS!! I suffered severe emetophobia & panic attacks which crippled my life for YEARS..i thought i would always be like this.. I was given this book and it is so inspiring and motivational.. it literally Changed my Life!! If you want to make a difference and change your bad thinking habits &give yourself a new lease of life ..then It is a MUST READ!!!! Thank you rob!!!!


Contact Emetophobia Specialist Anne Costelloe

Anne runs her specialist Emetophobia Clinic from her offices in Pinner & Northwood in the UK.

If you would like to discuss the programme with her, please call on 07809 204613

Or, if you prefer by e-mail at: anne@pinnerhypnotherapy.co.uk

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