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The Emetophobia Clinic
Pinner & Northwood

About Emetophobia Specialist Anne Costelloe

Anne Costelloe is a Therapist & Specialist in Emetophobia who has been helping people to overcome the Fear of Being Sick using the Thrive Programme since the early days of the technique. Today, with this very latest update to the programme which has been re-written specifically for Emetophobia sufferers, there is no more effective technique available.

In 1997, Rob Kelly became the principal director of training and went on to develop the Thrive Programme based on his, and the collective knowledge of the organisation’s, understanding of this very common, but widely unknown phobia.

Anne has been directly trained by Rob to have a deep and thorough understanding of the technique which is based on sound psychological principles and is fully backed up by research. (In fact the latest research carried out is the most comprehensive and insightful paper on Emetophobia - the fear of being sick - ever carried out!)

It is probably not too much of a claim to say that Rob Kelly and the Thrive Consultants may be collectively the most knowledgeable therapists in the field of Emetophobia anywhere in the world!

Today, with the Thrive Programme & Cognitive Processing and Integration Therapy, Anne exclusively uses “Professional, Ethical & Evidence Based Approaches” in her clinical work.

Contact Emetophobia Specialist Anne Costelloe

Anne runs her specialist Emetophobia Clinic from her offices in Pinner & Northwood in the UK.

If you would like to discuss the programme with her, please call on 07809-204 613

Or, if you prefer by e-mail at: anne@pinnerhypnotherapy.co.uk

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